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Anyone can sit down and start writing fiction, but not everyone can sit down and start writing good fiction. Learning how to write fiction is an art form that takes a lot of patience, practice and determination (it also is nice to get a little help, which is where we come in). To get you started, here are five fiction writing tips to help. While struggling with the desire to make my blog as useful for readers as possible, and at the same time work on my novella series, it occurred to me that with a little management it wouldnt be too difficult to repurpose some of the by-products of novel writing, and turn them into (potentially) valuable blog posts. At the same. Aug 25, 2016. I encourage people to follow Chris Batys advice from No Plot, No Problem to consider what kind of book they would enjoy writing using the Two Magna Cartas of Novel Writing which is basically a way to help you write the kind of book you would like to read. The Two Magna Cartas of Novel Writing (1 page. Fiction Writing Think you have the talent to make it as a writer? Learn more about pursuing fiction as a career, with insights on the publishing industry, making a.

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